How you can help -

For all (internationally):

1) Advice us with your Professional Expertise

Drop us a line to discuss cooperation on: water sanitation, craftsmanship as means of life, women's health - contraception, preventive measures, maternal health...

2) Purchase our Fairtrade Leather-Products (made-to-oder from Kolkata)
Find out more about the leather handicrafts made by Indian Women under HK team's training; proceeds to be reinvested in the training program to support raw materials purchase and Women's means of living in Kolkata

2) Donations

Welcome any form of financial assistance & material resources, they will be used -
a) HKD500 (USD65) / 2 year education per each secondary school kid in Kolkata
b) Any amount you prefer, to subsidize our team's administration, sales & marketing & site-visit expenditure
send Charlotte an email:

For Students:

1) Join us as committee member, get involved in launching projects

Tentatively (Hong Kong-based):
Get-to-know-each-other Briefing in early Jan 2012
Field visit to Kolkata in Spring 2012
Hands-on responsibility starting from Feb 2012

2) Participate in our summer skill transfer project, serve with your skills

Tentatively:  June-August 2012 in Kolkata, India

Feel free to contact: