Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dinner with Dr. Catherine Bragg, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs

CEDARS has kindly invited the representatives of IMPACT FOR PEACE to join the dinner with Dr. Catherine Bragg and Dr. Albert Chau after the lecture given by Dr. Bragg.

The lecture has covered the current state of the humanitarian system; provide an over view of its evolution over the last few years, its challenges, and what it is like to be a humanitarian worker.
The lecture has also focused on the crisis in the Horn of Africa and how each person can help stop the famine in Somalia.

All participates have actively shared their opinions regarding the international humanitarian work during the dinner. If you would also like to have such a great chance to join this kind of activities, come and join us!

Dr Catherine Bragg - Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs
Mr Yannick Martin - Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator
Ms Kirsten Mildren - Regional Public Information Officer

Prof Ceci Chan - Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr Albert Chau - Dean of Student Affairs
Dr Eadaoin Hui - Faculty of Education

Mr Elliot Leung - Teaching Assistant (Area: Global Citizenship, Youth and Globalization)

Cheryl Chui - Sichuan 512 Rural Recover Project + Children Policies
Saidi Ding - Beyond the Pivot
Eileen Lee - Hong Kong Alliance Against AIDS
Chloe Tsang - Impact for Peace
Vivien Tsui - Project Little Dream

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