About Sean, the initiator of IFP

Hello everyone,

Good blessing for all who are following our blog or just knocking here by chance, I am Sean Yuen from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region in China, because of its prior colonial state of Britain; Hong Kong remains a cosmopolitan city which is famous of its fast moving economy and long working hour.

I wished to become a doctor once I was small, so that I could join Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and contribute myself to humanitarian action in places where even basic medical support is lacking. In 2009, I graduated from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) as a registered Chinese Medical Doctor. In the meanwhile, I am now pursuing a part-time Master degree in Sport Medicine and Health Science.

Not only limited by the academic field, taking part in various volunteer activities is one of my biggest interests. I am a member of Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) which provide first-aids support in most of the big events in Hong Kong. I also joined some other NGOs and visited the village schools in northern Guangdong province. In October 2010, a newly established NGO “Chinese Medicine for ALL” (CMA) invited me to undergo a one-week free consultation service in Infanta, a small village in the Philippines.

Not being a typical Hongky, hope to become rich is never my priority. Or maybe it is due to my Christian belief, I think God has given me some calling to serve those deprived one in this world. One day, I will contribute all my time  I am looking for some resonance, if you also passionate in serving the poor, or if you find your life a bit meaningless at this moment, you are always welcome to join our team!! We really hope, in the near future, our Earth can become a fairer, lovelier and more peaceful place to live in!!
By Sean