Friday, 6 May 2011

The Sequel - Vocational Skills Transfer Program

Sorry for my laziness to update this blog, but in the last few months, Charlotte and I were working intensely on a new program!! Since I have asked FOCUS staff what kind of jobs can Class 10 graduates look for, they said "Not much". Also the unemployment rate is abnormally high in Kolkata, how can this situation encourage children to go to school??

That's why we think teaching them some life-long skills can help them target on more well-paid job, which is a way to end the poverty cycle.

The aim of the Vocational Skills Transfer Program (VSTP) is to provide an opportunity for HKU students to design and launch various talents development programs for post-Class 10 Indian youngsters.  Designing and managing the project alongside with us and the local partner FOCUS, HKU students are given wonderful opportunities to put into practice their specialized academic knowledge and other talents.  Compared to the popular short term teaching program, this Vocational Skill Transfer Program does more than putting volunteers into routine teaching because it is a career-oriented skill transfer program that pinpoints to the need of Indian society.  Proposed skill transfer courses are:

1.      Computer software (Office, Photoshop, video editing)
2.      Computer hardware (assembling, repairing)
3.      Basic Health Care
4.      Conversational English
5.      Tailoring
6.      Zari Work (Embroidering work) and leather work
7.   Machines Repairing

With an exploding population that grows that 1.548% per year (Wiki, 2009), India is expected to surpass China in 2025 with an estimate of 1.6 billion total population.  Massive and widespread unemployment at 8% (Census, December 2007) only means the chance for a stable job is slim for those less competitive secondary school graduates and illiterate women in particular.  In view of this, the above mentioned program is thus proposed for the benefit of both HKU students and Indian community if certain practical skills can be shared among them.

Our program has just started!!!
The 1st group: 6 June - 15 July
The 2nd group: 11 July - 19 August

If you want to support our program, please send us email: