Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Health and sanitation sound important as well

Besides the 10 students from The University of Hong Kong, we are so happy to meet  some friends who would like to carry out different projects in Kolkata alongside with our Vocational Program.

There will be a research carried out on the relationship between School absenteeism and infectious diseases. Our students are required to visit FOCUS’s schools, observe the situation, then assist teachers to carry out the school absenteeism data collection the research. We want to generate data and make precautious measures when there is a pandemic.

Maternal Health and Birth Control projects are also planned to caryr out. Our students have to record video clips of women or family talking about disadvantage of having too many kids, and the importance of birth control. Also record some women about the importance of maternal health and prevention of family abuse, etc. After editing the clips, they will organize talks or workshop to the slum women.

Tthe water sanitation is going to be analyzed, we may proceed the installation of water filter in slum family.